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Lex Coin is an ERC20 standard compatible token working over the Ethereum main net.

Token name: LEX Coin

Token address: 0x0729377becbd653b9f14fbf2956cfd317bf2afdd

Token symbol: LEXC

Token decimals: 18

Total supply: 100 million LEXC

Circulating supply after ICO: 50 million LEXC

Besides all other tokens that pretend (or claim, at least) to change the world, achieve immortality, cure hunger and stop the climate change; we don't make untrustworthy promises. LEX Coin is just a simple token working on top of the Ethereum network with no current goal...

But... What if...?


Before claiming or purchasing your LEX Coins, make sure that your country laws allow you to trade with electronic tokens. It's your own responsibility to make what you should do. The token creators and distributors give no waranty or support with technical or legal problems related with the claim or purchase of LEX Coins

As stated in this document, LEX Coins are full compliant ERC20 standard tokens in a non controlled or audited way. It means that the token creators and distributors have no control of the token transactions and only the blockchain and LEX Coin holders can decide how the token is traded and stored.

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